IM Faceplate - Promote your Website and Online Business

Promote your Online Business
IM Faceplate is a social network that will allow you to promote yourself, your product, or your service to like minded individuals and is free to join. In short it is a perfect example of a free site that gives you many of the tools you need to make money online. You will be able to easily add your tweets, videos, and articles to build exposure to your online business. People who have been using the IM Faceplate social site to promote themselves, their products, or their services are finding that the response they have been receiving is amazing. Site is extremely search engine optimized so when you post information on IM Faceplate, you have a great chance of being noticed by the major search engines.

Some of the elements you can include on your faceplate:

  • A personal photo of your choice
  • Your name
  • Social contact info (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace)
  • Automatically populate your most recent Twitter tweets
  • Automatically populate your most recent YouTube videos
  • Automatically populate the titles from articles you post in your IM faceplate article directory
  • Include any rss feeds
  • Integrate your email opt-in form
  • Create custom lists (your website, favorite blogs)

Here’s some easy tips on how to profit from IM Faceplate:

  • When you get lots of followers, your faceplate starts getting shown on the homepage, giving you free branding power and more sales power
  • Following others sometimes results in them returning the favor and following you back
  • Add your own articles which can promote your affiliate links and websites
  • Take advantage of the discussion and groups sections to meet more people, brand yourself, and build credibility
  • Update your “shout” area regularly – people visiting your page will see it, and all of your followers will see it in their news feed.
  • Adding new content on your Faceplate also alerts your followers about your new content